We offer training courses for puppies under the age of 6mths.

The courses are specifically tailored to assist owners with vital socialisation and training to ensure a sound foundation for their future development.

My entire adult life has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of rescue dogs; therefore I know what gets dogs into trouble with their owners or their local community.  It is my goal and my passion to assist owners in raising their pups to be model canine citizens.

Whilst the puppy courses run for 6wks at a time I am conscious that every week of a young pup’s life is critical when it comes to training and behaviour.  Therefore the classes are constructed so that ‘new intake’ can be accommodated when ever possible.  The only reason a puppy might have to wait is if the class numbers would impact on the attention given to existing members.  In such cases, one to one ‘puppy starter’ visits can be arranged.