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Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth (Liz) Marshall has been working with Sue Ketland for 6 years.  Liz is Sue’s assistant at Abotts Ripton on Wednesday nights and steps in for Sue at Wood Green on Monday nights if she is needed. Sue has been Liz’s mentor since starting classes 6 years ago.  Liz also studied under Kayce Cover and is a Lay level one Syn Alia trainer. .

Her interest in dogs pretty much started the day she was born as there was always a family pet in the house. Her father was the first one that made Liz realise one could initiate behaviour by an action, he showed Liz that by scratching a dog’s neck it would shake and that shake could be rewarded and named. A simple behaviour but way back in the late 60’s I am not sure how popular that way of training was. That was enough to light Liz’s fire for dogs and training them.

Liz has worked at Wood Green Animal Shelters for the past 10years and gained valuable handling experience, once again under the instruction of Sue Ketland. She worked one to one with lots of difficult dogs with various problems, and helped these dogs go on to find loving caring homes. Her methods of training are all positive and reward based. Luring, capturing, shaping, and naming.

Liz and her family currently have 7 family dogs, all rescue, and all except one came to them as young adults and brought their different problems with them. They have four Lurchers, a Whippet, a Long coated Chihuahua and a Chihuahua x. Liz competes in Talking dogs rally obedience with Lilly her Whippet x and has gained 4 Aces and their Level one title.