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Sue Ketland

I set up Canine Communications so that I could offer training and advice for pet owners.

I have worked with dogs at Wood Green the Animals Charity full time since 1988.  My current role is Behaviour and Training Consultant.  I have delivered lectures on canine care in Japan and the Netherlands and have also provided training for a number of overseas visitors.

I qualified as a Companion Animal Behaviour Therapist through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology in 2000, and I currently teach part of their Rescue and Rehabilitation course.

I have appeared on the TV series ‘Pet Rescue’ and have also been filmed for a number of dog training videos for Wood Green.

I was one of the first trainers in the UK to become qualified in the Syn Alia Training System method of animal training and communication.

I currently compete in Talking Dogs Rally Obedience and Kennel Club competitive obedience with two of my five dogs.

My life would not be worth living if dogs were not part of it.